We are an English language school owned by its teachers

Red Brick was started by Bernie and Lucy, two highly experienced and Cambridge Qualified Teachers who wanted to put the needs of students first without exploiting teachers.

We also wanted to offer a full language school experience for students unable to spend the time or money required to study in an English speaking country.

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“My experience with Red Brick was excellent, especially the listening and speaking activities.”

Parvin AmiriStudent

“Bernie is such a kind and helpful teacher, her classes were great, even better than college!”

Zahra GholamiStudent

What we stand for

Run by teachers for students

Red Brick is different from 99% of other English language schools, because Red Brick is a co-operative, the teachers own and manage Red Brick.

So guess what? We really care about our school and our students. Being a co-operative means we prioritise helping students reach their learning goals NOT making a big profit.

Our values

It’s this simple: we value people.
We also value honesty and professionalism.
We are teachers so we value education and life-long learning.
We are a co-operative so we also value the co-operative principles including openness, solidarity and social responsibility.
Some of our profits will go towards funding free English lessons for immigrants.

Who we are


Co-Founder, English Teacher

Hi my name is Lucy and I have over ten years’ experience teaching English to students from all over the world. I’ve designed pronunciation courses for Red Brick because I have seen the positive impact that working on your pronunciation has on your spoken English AND listening skills. In addition to this, I am developing other courses to help you develop your speaking skills in different contexts.

I am passionate about developing speaking skills, and building your confidence to speak English outside the classroom.

In my free time, I love singing, looking after my many houseplants and reading about psychology and wellbeing. I am developing a Wellbeing club that will help you with both your speaking skills and also deal with the ups and downs of life.


Co-Founder, English Teacher

Hi! I’m Bernie and I’ve been helping students achieve their English Language learning goals for over 20 years.

CELTA and DELTA qualified, I believe everyone can be a successful language learner with the right support and a safe space where they can experiment with the language.

As a Business Studies graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Business Studies, I can help you take your Business English to the next level.

In my free time I keep up to date with all the latest news in business, culture, politics, social justice and the environment - join my Current Affairs Speaking Club if you're interested in this too. I’m also slightly addicted to podcasts and will be developing a listening club soon!

Our Approach

Fluency First

We believe a focus on developing fluency not accuracy is the most efficient and effective way to learn a language.  This comes from our experience as teachers, as language learners ourselves, and from all the reading and research we’ve done into the topic – we’re  a bit geeky and in our free time read about how people acquire languages and which classroom techniques really work and which don’t.

Accuracy and Grammar

Our focus on fluency doesn’t mean we don’t care about accuracy or grammar, or that we never focus on grammar in class; it just means our approach is more  responsive to what you are trying to say.  We don’t study grammar for the sake of studying grammar – time is precious so we need to use it wisely.

Learning goals

In order to help you communicate more effectively in English we need to know what you can already do.  This means we will check your level, including speaking, before you start any of our courses.  We will then help you establish some realistic learning objectives and determine what needs to be covered in class and outside of class in order for you to successfully reach them.