• Price:  £180.00
  • Class Size: 4-9
  • Course Length:  6 sessions
  • Class Duration: 90 minutes
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Homework Requirement: 30-45mins per week
Become more confident speaking English in the workplace.   Learn key language and communication techniques and express yourself more naturally.
We use Task Based Learning because it allows you to practise the English you need and provides lots of opportunities for you to express your ideas and opinions.   We also spend some time focusing on the language you used (or didn’t use!) in the task to improve your accuracy and develop your fluency.  We do this by teaching you key expressions, phrases or chunks of language and by helping you notice useful grammatical structures and patterns.   We also use a Flipped Classroom approach – check out our blog to find out more about The Benefits of a Flipped Classroom.
Before the course starts you will be invited to a FREE 30 minute Pre-course Session in which you can get to know your teacher and we can find out more about you, your English language needs and help you set some learning goals.  You’ll also get to meet your classmates.