Become more fluent at expressing your opinions about world events.
Discussing politics, current events and social issues can be challenging – so much so that many people avoid it.   In English there is the expression ‘no religion, no politics’ but it doesn’t have to be like that.  We can use a variety of techniques which allow us to discuss even the most controversial issues without upsetting or offending people.
In Current Affairs you will be develop the skills to do this.  You will practice expressing your opinion in a variety of ways depending how strongly you feel about something and how confident you are about your facts.  You will learn how to moderate your language when talking about a wide variety of issues and how to challenge other people’s points of views in a constructive way.
Each week you will complete  communicative activities around the theme of current affairs.
You are encouraged to bring topics to class – this could be in the form of a video, news article, a news headline, a tweet, an Instagram or Facebook post, etc. or just an idea.