Where will the classes take place? 
  • All classes will be on Zoom.
What if I miss a week? 
  • Don’t worry, you will receive the week’s tasks anyway,
  • You can listen to the original audio tracks
  • You can still submit the homework.
  • You will also receive a recording of the lesson for you to keep up with.
What if I’m not happy with my class? 
  • If you’re not happy with the class for whatever reason, you are able to get a full refund if you report this within 7 days of your first lesson.
How much homework do I have every week?
  • You will have one piece of spoken homework, to record yourself which will be submitted for assessment.
  • You will also receive some suggested homework to practise listening for the features of pronunciation too.  This will not be checked officially, but it will really help your learning if you do this.
  • You will also have 1-2 listening tasks per week which need to be done for the next class, this way we don’t waste time in class doing something that you could do alone!
Why do you recommend joining the class on PC/Mac? 
  • Because some of the platforms work best on PC/Mac.  If you have a problem with this, don’t worry, you can still join on your smartphone, but you will maximise the benefit if you can join on your PC.
What materials do you use? 
  • I use original authentic audios that you will not have heard before.  We use speaking tasks too, so this is not like the pronunciation classes where you just match words to phonemes! I aim to make this course as useful and authentic as possible for you 🙂
Do you have any other pronunciation courses that focus on individual sounds? 
  • Yes!  We have some courses that will be coming later this year that are designed for speakers of the same language.  For example, Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers!
What happens when I join the Wait List?
  • You will receive an email requesting you to confirm your email address.  Once you’ve done this, you will be added to the Wait List for Lucy’s Pronunciation for Fluency Course.
  • When we are accepting payments for the course, you’ll receive an email.  The email will give you details of how to pay for the course.
How can I contact you outside class time? 
  • Feel free to send me an email anytime on lucy@redbrick.coop and I will reply within 24 hours (or on the Monday if you email at the weekend) .